The Other Side of Tenerife

Despite being more popularly known as one of the best and most
frequented holiday destinations in the Canary Islands, Tenerife has a
relatively tamer and lesser-known side that most of the 5 million
tourists and visitors who frequent the island each year are not yet
truly familiar with.

Despite its renown for its worldclass diving and fantastic beaches,
nightlife and eco-tourism Tenerife has other, less well-kown attractions
and hidden treasures visitors are most often clueless about. The
southern part of the island is popular among the younger set with its
many well-developed resorts like Los Cristianos and the Playa de las
Americas. Families and older groups of tourists meanwhile prefer the
lush and greener north end of Tenerife where tourism development has
mainly been concentrated in the town of Puerto de la Cruz, a small
harbour town with plenty of Old World European charm. Tourists and
visitors who are after a clean and well appointed place to stay can
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site to view great deals on holiday homes, luxury villas and furnished
accommodations during their stay on the island.

People all over the world often praise Tenerife’s beautiful stretches of
white, powder-fine sandy beaches, its diverse topographical make-up and
varied natural landscapes, lush forest cover and exotic collection of
endemic species of plant and animal life which some consider to be among
the richest in the world. Aside from its great natural beauty, Tenerife
is also a hotbed for partygoers and tourists who can’t seem to simply
get enough of the fantastic clubbing and nightlife scene in the island’s
numerous bars and clubs, most of which have been known to last until the
wee hours of dawn and are deemed by some to be second only to those of

Despite its popularity as a top party and holiday destination in the
Canaries, Tenerife also counts a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site
among its many notable attractions, EL Teide, which also claims the
title of having the highest elevation in Spain. Aside from the imposing
landmark of EL Teide serving as a picturesque backdrop to this paradise
island, Tenerife can lay claim to fame for being host to one of the
world’s largest and most colorful of carnivals, The Carnival of Santa
Cruz de Tenerife held in February of each year and second only in
popularity and world-renown to that of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. They
are currently attempting to have the Carnival recognized and declared as
another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tenerife is blessed with a warm and pleasant climate throughout the year
and does justice to its moniker of being the ‘island of eternal spring’
with summer temperatures rarely exceeding over 30 degrees Celsius on
average and moderate rainfall throughout the year. Tradewinds and the
cold sea currents which affect the Canaries also play a significant role
in cooling down Tenerife’s stretches of coastline and beaches and there
are instances where sunshine is plentiful along the coast yet snow can
also be found in the upper slopes of Tenerife’s mountains event at just
over 3,000 feet above sea level owing to the island’s varied topography.

Another side to Tenerife people may be unaware about is that the island
and its inhabitants are deeply religious and are mostly Roman Catholics.
Pilgrimages or ‘Romerias’ are common in Tenerife and are usually held in
honor of a patron saint of a particular village or town to invoke their
protection and celebrate their feastdays. Tourists, mostly those from
the UK and Germany, come in large groups to witness the spectacle of
these pilgrimages which usually include processions by livestock ,wagons
and colorful bedecked floats which parade locals wearing the traditional
local dress of Tenerife, the traje de mago, performing local folk dances
and showcasing some of Tenerife’s local arts and crafts. A visit to
Tenerife will never be complete if you miss out on taking in the
island’s many colorful festivals and local customs. Best to book a
Tenerife holiday today!

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Cheap Tenerife Flights and Hotels

With mountains, lush forests, a stunning coastline, sandy beaches and volcanic landscape its quite possible that Tenerife has it all. Getting to ‘the island of eternal spring’ has never been easier with multiple flights to Tenerife departing from most UK airports.

Tenerife Forum Blog

Budget airlines such as Easyjet and Monarch to more sophisticated airlines such as British Airways will get you there. Flights to the south of Tenerife (Tenerife Sur or TFS) are close to the resorts of Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos and Los Gigantes and regularly fly from most British airports. Flight time from the UK to Reina Sofia airport in the south varies from 4 to 5 hour depending on where you fly from. Flights to the north (Tenerife Nor or TFN) are less regular and from a smaller selection of UK airports.

There’s hotels to suit every budget and taste in every resort on the island. Playa de las Americas provides a massive selection of hotels and there’s some bargains to be had if you do a little digging. Anything from 2 star studio apartments to 5* luxury penthouses are available in Tenerife

Compare hotels in Tenerife with Trivago

Tenerife is an outstanding island located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. The volcanic eruption some thee million years ago means the island has very fertile soil and has produced some interesting plant life.

The cuisine in the Canary Islands tends to be a fusion of traditional Spanish food with African or Latin American influences but there are certain specialities including Mojo sauce and Canarian potatoes.

Papas Arrugadas are new potatoes cooked in sea water and baked and Salsa Mojo is made of vinegar, garlic and oil then flavoured with red or green peppers. Typically these dishes are served with fish.

After experimenting with the Canarian cuisine you might want to head into the mountains for some exercise and tranquillity. Hiking among the volcanic scenery, combined with peaks and dark mysterious forests is fascinating, diverse and dramatic.

If you’ve still got some energy in the evenings, you can hit the hot spots at one of the resorts in the south where lively bars, discos and cafés abound.

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Holidaying in Tenerife

As a travel destination, Tenerife aims to offer something for everyone. Whether you’re after a holiday filled with sunbathing, shopping and dancing the night away, a chance to relax and enjoy an idyllic setting, or a child-friendly family holiday, Tenerife has you covered.

Families can rest assured that there is plenty on the island to satisfy both parents and children, and leave you with happy holiday memories for years to come. For the kids, there are places to see like Monkey Park in Los Cristianos, which houses many different species of monkeys for animal lovers to gush over. Adventurous children can even have a go at feeding the monkeys if they want to, something that’s bound to bring a smile to most faces. Or, if the kids are a fan of water parks, there’s lots to do at Siam Park where the rides on offer range from gentle rivers to white-knuckle, free fall rides.

If you enjoy a busy, buzzing holiday atmosphere, Tenerife has lots of lively areas for visitors to explore. For example, the larger resorts of Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos contain many vibrant clubs and bars which provide a lively nightlife, and create a party atmosphere for tourists. You’ll also find plenty of beaches here: perfect for a bit of tanning, relaxation and rest in the day before the next night’s activities.

Visitors who prefer a quieter life can also find plenty of interest on the island. If you’re not too fussed about beaches, you can avoid the busier south and head to northern Tenerife, which is green and lush and full of small villages which are more in tune with traditional life on the island. Try heading to Masca, which is set in deep ravines bursting with greenery and wildlife, and really encapsulates the laid-back side of the Canary Islands.

No matter what kind of holiday in Tenerife you’re after, it’s important to be prepared before you set off. Accommodation can be found on sites like, whilst you can find deals on cheap travel insurance from companies like, who also do special packages for family cover if that is how you intend to travel. Once you have all of the nitty gritty details sorted out, you can begin planning your exploration of every side and face of this beautiful island.

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Tenerife at Night

There is nothing quite like visiting the beautiful Canary Islands. Gorgeous beaches and wonderful people, it’s a little peace of Eden in the Atlantic Ocean.  Even more legendary than its beauty is the nightlife of its largest island, Tenerife. Bouncing beats in the island heat, many of the clubs have reputations that precede them. A huge amount to explore so pack your best clothes, you’ll be sure to party the whole night through.


When the lights go down the cities transformer, turning into something completely different. The place to go if you like all-night clubs is without a doubt Playa de las Americas in Arona Playing anything you ever would want to listen to, it is a favorite of both locals and tourist.


Before heading out to begin the hunt, finding a hotel to crash when the night is over is a must. Tenerife has the very best hotels, offering some of the most comfortable stays of any island escape. The Vulcano Hotel in particular offers not only a wonderful view but also world-class service that will keep you yearning for more. Right in the center of it all, it’s a great location to use as your base.


With so much to choose from, the Dubliner Bar has one of the hippest staff around. While the drinks may cost a little bit more, it comes with the best atmosphere in the city as well as some of the loudest live music around. Head out on the hot dance floor and get ready for a fantastic night.


After you’re done partying one location, it’s time to look for something new. The Veronicas Dance Club is the place to be when it gets late, with DJ taking request well into the morning. A fantastic place to spend the evening, it’s one of the liveliest bars in the region so be ready for the crowds.


There is nothing quite like grabbing some tantalizing Tenerife cuisine while you’re out parting with some friends. Out on the strip, the Jags Café Bar is a little taste of Britain from a place far away. Reasonably priced, the chips are to die for and when you get bored you can hang out an watch a good match on the many widescreen tv’s. It simply doesn’t get better than this!



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Tenerife Treasures

Often dubbed for being a larger lout central and a pivotal point for cheap and nasty resorts, Tenerife doesn’t always prove the most appealing option to tourists and travellers. However, whilst some areas aren’t as likeable and luxurious as one would hope, Tenerife has far more to offer than meets the eye. Now being promoted as somewhat of a hidden jewel, the country is growing in popularity and attracting a growing majority of tourists every year. Forget sharing your relaxing or action packed get-away with a multitude of cash saving students, groups of hen and stag do’s, larger than life party crowds or rowdy football fans.

Now you can explore this sub-tropical paradise containing everything you need to satisfy your preferences and desires, without the stereotypical and negative elements that often put people off these days. A clubbers paradise it may be, but don’t be too quick to associate this destination with boozy larger louts, inevitable drunken brawls and ear-blasting music.  Tenerife certainly may be a cheaper alternative to some luxurious holidays, but that doesn’t alter the fact it has its own stunning natural beauty, electrifying charisma, class and distinct allure.

Tenerife has a multitude of hidden talent! Although it’s most famous for its electrifying social arenas, deserted beaches and cascading waterfalls, the places to eat and drink are worth a trip in themselves. Wander through the alluring streets and savour the colourful culture which oozes from market stalls brimming with tasty traditional fish dishes to intimate road-side café’s. Failing that you could find yourself dipping into a sea of delectable cuisine in picturesque road-side bistro or sipping at cocktails in a beach hut tavern under the moonlit sky. Socialising and dining out may prove to be one of the most exciting experiences during your stay. You’ll capture unforgettable moments, meet some amazing locals and other tourists, discover Tenerife’s captivating culture and taste some truly amazing food and drink.  The freshest seafood comes highly recommended and can be found in any of the local haunts. However, if you’re not brave enough to partake in one of Tenerife’s most important facets and rummage through their gastronomical treasure chest of tasty food, you’re never too far away from a chain restaurant or popular cuisine.

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Tantalising Tenerife tops all Holiday Destinations

Without making it sound clichéd, it is an island of promise and a sub-tropical paradise containing everything you need to satisfy your desires on that long deserved holiday get-away. A clubbers paradise it may be, but don’t be too quick to associate this destination with boozy larger louts, inevitable drunken brawls and ear-blasting music. If you’re looking for the three R’s, relaxation, recuperation and a rejuvenation of your hectic, repetitive and relatively dull 24/7 routine back home, the island of Tenerife is the place to be.


Every area has its own unique character, but they all have a common connection – brimming with spirit and a multitude of opportunities. Get blown away by the explosion of varied activities you’ll be presented. Think exciting boat-trips, jet-skiing, wind-surfing and endless list of other exciting water and off shore sports to achieve that adrenaline rush. Take strolls across the deserted moon-lit beaches and plunge into pools which linger under the cascading waterfalls in colourful sub-tropical gardens. If you’re not looking to step out of your resort, simply lounge for endless hours on the soft golden sands and dip your toes into the crystal blue Mediterranean water. Wander through the alluring streets and savour the colourful culture which oozes from market stalls to intimate road-side café’s.


Surprised yet? Tenerife certainly may be a cheaper alternative to some luxurious holidays, but that doesn’t alter the fact it has its own stunning natural beauty, electrifying charisma, class and distinct allure. As long as you remember every traveller has their preferences, which can be said for any holiday destination! Whether you end up stumbling back to your hotel room from a booming club, exploring the historical landmarks scattered around the island, showing off your sun-kissed beach body on the breath-taking coastal lines or dipping into a sea of delectable cuisine in a picturesque pavement Tenerife bistro, you’ll be leaving wanting to return for more.

Written by Hannah Copues

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Those Summer Nights

Tenerife will certainly give you the night of your life. Whether you remember it or not is another matter. Before you begin on your expedition into the clubs, make sure you visit the Tenerife bistros. Tipsy Terrace and Bar offers stunning cuisine that varies from light bites to a roast rack of lamb.  La Bistro d’Alain offers a more French experience in dining and in surroundings whereas Tasca El Granero gives a more rustic atmosphere whilst offering a mouth-watering menu.

Those who have the stamina and energy to explore the exotic island of Tenerife after dark will normally be found in one place. Playas de las Americas. This is the area with the most amount of clubs, bars and live music venues.


One of the more renowned clubs on the scene is Tramps The King of Clubs, host to a number of famed DJs with 3 different music rooms. Those wanting to experience the alternative scene of indie and rock music can head to Brannigans, a relatively small but lively place guaranteed to offer up a great night.


The one spot that must not be missed and boasts to be one of the best clubs in Europe, let alone Tenerife, is Faro Chill Art. This club is based in Puerto Colon and states that it is the home of “the beautiful people.” Start the night in the upstairs cocktail bar enjoying the stunning views on the Balinese beds and scatter cushions. The party tends to get going at about 2 am downstairs on the colourful dance floor to the music of the best of the local talent.


Although Playas de las Americas offers the most in terms of nightlife and bars, take an adventure and see if you can discover a lesser known experience in some of the quieter areas of the island, away from the noise and hoards of young holiday makers.

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Three Great Eats in Tenerife

The Canary Islands have a mix of culinary influences. While they remain a Spanish archipelago, and are flanked by the Mediterranean, they are most closely located to the east coast of Morocco. The islands also host a number of expat residents. Due to this diversity, tapas are as popular here as seafood and tagine.

As for amazing Tenerife restaurants, the list goes on and on. One of the best is definitely the fun and rustic Meson el Monasterio. This restored monastery complex is actually five restaurants in one, each with its own separate menu of Spanish specialties. At the entrance to Meson el Monasterio, Hacienda San Pedro specializes in fish, paella, lobster, prawns, and fruit flambéed dessert. At La Cabana, groups can dine on fondues, while Bodega San Pedro boasts about its wine and fried canary rabbit. This place is great for families, festivities, lunch meetings and dates. It is located in the northern town of Los Realejos.

For a taste of Italy, visit Bianco Ristorante in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This restaurant does five-star ambience at its very best, as the chef whips up his dishes with authentic Italian ingredients. For antipasti try the fresh and delicate salmon Carpaccio, and for your main course try the Chicken Cacciatora with Rigatoni. You can also indulge on pastas, seafood, and garlic-infused filets. Make your reservation for an early evening meal, and watch the sunset through Bianco’s floor to ceiling windows.

In Aguilas del Teide, at the south end of the island, is the restaurant La Estancia. The gourmet menu is of a French and Mediterranean style. While the cuisine here is seasonal, the kitchen bases many dishes on goose and duck liver, as well as various meats and fish from their wood-fired barbecue. The wine cellar offers vintages from France, Spain and The Canaries. This place is great for quiet dining, and for romantic dates.

By Bradley Fink

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Beef without the reef at Tenerife

As tourism makes up for a third of the country’s economy, the volcanic beach destination of the Canary Islands have great wining and dining outlets for not just lovers of seafood. Meat eaters have enormous choice as Spain’s carnivores are well catered for in this tropical island.

Vaca Loca is in the centre of Los Cristianos in Arona in the south of Tenerife, just some hundred meters from the beach.  This Swiss restaurant has cheese and meat fondues (or a raclette) and pride themselves on cow thematic dishes, strange, but tasty. Forgive the post Spanish civil war décor for traditional fare at La Venta at The Sheraton La Caleta Resort & Spa. Mostly Canarian food, these guys guarantee anything served on a plate is of quality – including a whole sea bass cooked and wrapped in one giant spinach leaf.

Take note mainland pizza parlours – at Restaurante Lupita (located in Parque de La Reina) you can grab a pizza the size of the wheel on a penny farthing for as little as £4 and wash it down with a cold cervasa. The owner swears on return business instead of ripping his customers off. And return they do. With house specials that include lemon bleached tomato bread bases to give his pizzas that extra edge. Some of the most amazing Tenerife restaurants aren’t on the beach as you would expect but tucked up into the mountainside. A great local drop spot is the flashy and unexpected American Diner, Harleys, just above Puerto Colón in Adeje in the south of Tenerife. Expect Tex-Mex on the menu, and eat off a converted Cadillac sliced in half. If you’re in the mood for tender taps then fresh goat meat at Mesón La Cabra del Sur in Las Chafiras will keep you out of trouble as their chefs prepare the all dishes with a secret spice only grown and known to the Tenerife region. If I told you, I am positive they wouldn’t have me back.

In all, this island has a nice change of atmosphere when shopping for a good Saturday night steak, as it can be found in many places. I’ve definitely got no beef eating out in Tenerife.

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The Flipside of Tenerife

Perhaps for many of us, Tenerife’s nightlife scene includes groups of rowdy Brits swaying down the road with half their clothes missing. Such occasions are most likely to arise on the island’s south and west coastlines because it is there that the clubs are predominantly geared towards Brit culture. DJs and dancing are the things to do in places such as Playa de las Americas whose clubs peak towards midnight and close at around 1-2am.

Then, perhaps, many of us would steer clear of a place where slurring mobs of shaven-headed British teens stagger like monkeys and bellow like monsters through a place where, in the daytime, there are gorgeous tropical scenes to be admired.

Many of us would be wrong to do so however, because further north there is another side to Tenerife; a side that won’t scream in your face or sling an arm around you in a drunken stupor; a side of traditions, local banter; a side with some of the friendliest bars and most amazing restaurants in Tenerife.

Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz are two examples of how the nightlife culture varies in Tenerife. Salsa and Latino music are the sounds of these towns. Frequented by both tourists and students from across the Canary Islands, these northern locations are much more relaxed than their southern cousins. Bars and clubs don’t get lively until gone midnight and stay open until you can smell the morning’s first freshly baked crusty roll; the perfect way to bridge a night of hip-swinging to a day of sightseeing.

Theatre lovers and concert goers should check out Santa and Puerto de la Cruz as well; they’re hot spots for this sort of culture. As well as that, traditional music played by live bands overrides the Ministry of Sound DJ sets which blare out down south.

These two towns really are the other side of the boozed-up image that Tenerife perhaps conveys to people. An artsy culture of fun and laughter presides. It won’t leave you with a throbbing head (from both music and drink), and it should not be overlooked

Guy Arnold

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