Tantalising Tenerife tops all Holiday Destinations

Without making it sound clichéd, it is an island of promise and a sub-tropical paradise containing everything you need to satisfy your desires on that long deserved holiday get-away. A clubbers paradise it may be, but don’t be too quick to associate this destination with boozy larger louts, inevitable drunken brawls and ear-blasting music. If you’re looking for the three R’s, relaxation, recuperation and a rejuvenation of your hectic, repetitive and relatively dull 24/7 routine back home, the island of Tenerife is the place to be.


Every area has its own unique character, but they all have a common connection – brimming with spirit and a multitude of opportunities. Get blown away by the explosion of varied activities you’ll be presented. Think exciting boat-trips, jet-skiing, wind-surfing and endless list of other exciting water and off shore sports to achieve that adrenaline rush. Take strolls across the deserted moon-lit beaches and plunge into pools which linger under the cascading waterfalls in colourful sub-tropical gardens. If you’re not looking to step out of your resort, simply lounge for endless hours on the soft golden sands and dip your toes into the crystal blue Mediterranean water. Wander through the alluring streets and savour the colourful culture which oozes from market stalls to intimate road-side café’s.


Surprised yet? Tenerife certainly may be a cheaper alternative to some luxurious holidays, but that doesn’t alter the fact it has its own stunning natural beauty, electrifying charisma, class and distinct allure. As long as you remember every traveller has their preferences, which can be said for any holiday destination! Whether you end up stumbling back to your hotel room from a booming club, exploring the historical landmarks scattered around the island, showing off your sun-kissed beach body on the breath-taking coastal lines or dipping into a sea of delectable cuisine in a picturesque pavement Tenerife bistro, you’ll be leaving wanting to return for more.

Written by Hannah Copues

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