Tenerife at Night

There is nothing quite like visiting the beautiful Canary Islands. Gorgeous beaches and wonderful people, it’s a little peace of Eden in the Atlantic Ocean.  Even more legendary than its beauty is the nightlife of its largest island, Tenerife. Bouncing beats in the island heat, many of the clubs have reputations that precede them. A huge amount to explore so pack your best clothes, you’ll be sure to party the whole night through.


When the lights go down the cities transformer, turning into something completely different. The place to go if you like all-night clubs is without a doubt Playa de las Americas in Arona Playing anything you ever would want to listen to, it is a favorite of both locals and tourist.


Before heading out to begin the hunt, finding a hotel to crash when the night is over is a must. Tenerife has the very best hotels, offering some of the most comfortable stays of any island escape. The Vulcano Hotel in particular offers not only a wonderful view but also world-class service that will keep you yearning for more. Right in the center of it all, it’s a great location to use as your base.


With so much to choose from, the Dubliner Bar has one of the hippest staff around. While the drinks may cost a little bit more, it comes with the best atmosphere in the city as well as some of the loudest live music around. Head out on the hot dance floor and get ready for a fantastic night.


After you’re done partying one location, it’s time to look for something new. The Veronicas Dance Club is the place to be when it gets late, with DJ taking request well into the morning. A fantastic place to spend the evening, it’s one of the liveliest bars in the region so be ready for the crowds.


There is nothing quite like grabbing some tantalizing Tenerife cuisine while you’re out parting with some friends. Out on the strip, the Jags Café Bar is a little taste of Britain from a place far away. Reasonably priced, the chips are to die for and when you get bored you can hang out an watch a good match on the many widescreen tv’s. It simply doesn’t get better than this!



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