The Flipside of Tenerife

Perhaps for many of us, Tenerife’s nightlife scene includes groups of rowdy Brits swaying down the road with half their clothes missing. Such occasions are most likely to arise on the island’s south and west coastlines because it is there that the clubs are predominantly geared towards Brit culture. DJs and dancing are the things to do in places such as Playa de las Americas whose clubs peak towards midnight and close at around 1-2am.

Then, perhaps, many of us would steer clear of a place where slurring mobs of shaven-headed British teens stagger like monkeys and bellow like monsters through a place where, in the daytime, there are gorgeous tropical scenes to be admired.

Many of us would be wrong to do so however, because further north there is another side to Tenerife; a side that won’t scream in your face or sling an arm around you in a drunken stupor; a side of traditions, local banter; a side with some of the friendliest bars and most amazing restaurants in Tenerife.

Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz are two examples of how the nightlife culture varies in Tenerife. Salsa and Latino music are the sounds of these towns. Frequented by both tourists and students from across the Canary Islands, these northern locations are much more relaxed than their southern cousins. Bars and clubs don’t get lively until gone midnight and stay open until you can smell the morning’s first freshly baked crusty roll; the perfect way to bridge a night of hip-swinging to a day of sightseeing.

Theatre lovers and concert goers should check out Santa and Puerto de la Cruz as well; they’re hot spots for this sort of culture. As well as that, traditional music played by live bands overrides the Ministry of Sound DJ sets which blare out down south.

These two towns really are the other side of the boozed-up image that Tenerife perhaps conveys to people. An artsy culture of fun and laughter presides. It won’t leave you with a throbbing head (from both music and drink), and it should not be overlooked

Guy Arnold

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