The Magic Seven

The Canary region certainly had an impact on the Romans and Greeks after them christening it with name, ‘Happy Islands’. Gran canary, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro have certainly continued to grow in popularity, attracting tourists from all over the world. Surprisingly all unique in their own landscape, this paradisiacal group of islands boast a superb sub-tropical climate all year round, breath-taking beaches and a an extraordinary wealth of natural beauty. Whatever your preferences, the diversity of the Canary Islands serve those who wish to escape to a relaxing retreat, area of action or historical honey pot.

If a lively tourist resort is an attractive option, Tenerife is certainly an island worth visiting. At the centre of the archipelago, this fashionable hub of activity offers an exciting and energetic nightlight, as well as frantic beach action and a renowned all-night party scene.  However, for those who sought after a little variation, you can also escape to the islands’ more peaceful areas of natural beauty, dodging maddening crowds and bustling tourists. The island certainly aims to serve the need of every visitor!

Escape into the night and explore a multitude of opportunity. Whether you’re looking to bop till breakfast in an energetic nightclub or discover divine cuisine in one of Tenerife’s amazing restaurants, you’ll be bombarded with an array of appealing options. Merrily sway from happy hour bars to a high-pace night ahead in one of the island’s bouncing discos. They do say that clubs in Tenerife don’t come alive until midnight! You’re only a stone’s throw away from the famous club regions, Playa De Las Americas & Los Cristianos.

Some would argue that if you don’t wake up the next day with a shockingly painful headache and a camera full of embarrassingly wild snapshots, your night out on the town was a bitter fail. If you don’t consider yourself to be quite the party animal there are an array of alternative and appealing options available. Savour the sensational traditional Island cuisine in picturesque pavement cafés or luxurious restaurants. Surrounded by a style of cooking strongly impregnated with the tastes of the sea and of the Americas, you’ll be able to explore Tenerife’s magnificent treasure chest of food, wine and desserts. Top off your evening with a saunter or stroll through the magical backstreets. Or why not take a moonlit walk across the beach, whilst savouring the beautiful panoramic views, before returning to your rest place for the night? A perfect nightlife alternative!

Written by Hannah Copues

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Gastronomic relief in Tenerife

It is often said that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and if this is the case then Tenerife will leave its visitors positively swooning with love. Being a key facet of any holiday, food allows tourists to gain a more intimate experience with the local culture and cuisine of their travel destination, while granting them an opportunity to tantalise their taste buds with an array of fresh and exotic flavours that simply aren’t available at home.

In the sweltering climate of the sunny Spanish island of Tenerife, food provides some much needed nourishment for bustling tourists who’ve no doubt spent a hectic day frolicking on beaches and touring the vibrant, picturesque island. Fortunately, being rife with a delectable variety of delicious restaurants and tapas bars, visitors will have plenty of options when deciding on where to wine and dine.

Culturally, the food in Tenerife is reflective of the exotic location of the island and its scenery; being encompassed by an incandescent sun-kissed Mediterranean ocean, many native dishes comprise of fresh fish and sea-food, from mackerel, sardines and tuna to crabs, lobsters and octopi. A typical dinner in Tenerife is usually dressed with flavoursome sauces known as ‘mojos’, which vary across the island as different restaurants concoct their own unique styles.

However, for those visitors less inclined to experiment with the quirky local cuisine, less adventurous options are available if the more extraordinary and unfamiliar offerings aren’t to a tourist’s taste. Plenty of western restaurants and pubs offer more traditional western foods to their guests, who may welcome some more recognisable names on the menu.

All in all, Tenerife is bursting with culinary options for visitors to choose from; with such a vast range of both exotic and familiar delicacies on offer, visitors are sure to have a great time as they wine and dine on this vibrant island.


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Tenerife Teases the Taste Buds

Everyone enjoys finding surprising little jewels of restaurants. Well, Tenerife does not have just a few little jewels, but an entire treasure chest of incredible eating experiences.

Those expecting only to find Tapas and traditional island dishes will be pleasantly surprised. The joys of European dining are matched by the adventurous oriental delights of Japanese, Mongolian and Thai restaurants. The taste of the United States is available as well as some sizzling grill houses.

In a week a diner could have travelled the globe without needing to leave the island. Entire continents can be discovered and experienced all within one beautiful background. From the simplicity of scampi and chips or the spice of Mexico, Tenerife has more than enough to offer. If you are looking for the romantic atmosphere of Garibaldi Restaurant or enjoy a stunning seafront view of Pancho Restaurant, there is a venue that will suit any guest.

Take a trip off the beaten track and you will find the more traditional delights of the island. Canary specialities and Spanish Tapas feature on many restaurant menus. Seafood is caught fresh from the Atlantic the same day it is cooked, such as ‘Samu’. This dish is a local fish that is baked on a bed of salt and served with jacket potatoes and a spicy garlic sausage known as mojo. Finish off this sensational meal with traditional banana liquor that will certainly leave an impression on your taste buds.

Tenerife restaurants have a quality that many other places will have neglected. All the senses are satisfied. The smell and taste of the food are complemented by the atmosphere and décor of the restaurant. Mongolian Barbeque is one such example as this mouth watering experience is enhanced by the dramatic style of cooking. The hills of Vera de Erques are the perfect side dish to the local cuisine that Irache Gara offers, topped off with a live performance of Canarian folk songs.

Everyone will have a different story and experience to take away from Tenerife, but it is guaranteed that the food will be the glorious centre piece of the memory that lasts a lifetime.

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The Diversity of Tenerife Cuisnine

One of the best known dishes to Tenerife is its Papas Arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes). They’re infused with spicy and green sauces and are boiled and salted in their skins. As well as dishes from around the world, this can be sampled at one of the hundreds of restaurants that fringe the beautiful island.

Because most of the restaurants in Tenerife are located on the coast, locally sourced fish can be freshly served. If you’re a fish lover, this is place to come and eat it. There is a wide variety of fish-based recipes such as Caldereta, which is a fish stew reigning from Northern Spain.

As well as fish, Tenerife also offers more variety in its food such the west coast’s El Dorado Mexican restaurant in Adeje. Its menu boasts all the typical Mexican expectations; tacos, fajitas, jalapenos, all served with rice or fried beans and corn on the cob. There’s also a grill serving T-bone steaks and pork ribs and, of course, mounds of sizzling chilli.

Elsewhere in Adeje, situated right on the beach in Las Americas is The Great Little Italy. With multilingual staff and the offer some rather special Italian food such as the Viking Pasta dish which comes with salmon and prawns, this place is another example of amazing cuisine in Tenerife. There’s also, for the bigger eaters out there, a highly sought after dish called The Three Kings comprising of a fillet of pork, steak fillet and chicken breast served with onions and vegetables.

If you’re looking for more exotic spice, try Roy’s. A quality Indian restaurant also located in Adeje serving up sumptuous curry of beef, pork, chicken or a vegetarian option, all marinated in authentic, mouth-watering sauces. Roy’s also serves pizza (an option for children, perhaps) which can be delivered to all areas in the south.

With tradition and diversity in abundance, it’s not hard to see why Tenerife is so popular among holiday-makers when it comes to its dining. Mexican, Indian, there’re even British restaurants out there; each one equally as delicious as the other.

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Get your teeth into Tenerife

Being the essential cornerstones of every human being’s existence, food and drink are vitally important, which is why all holiday-goers should place their wining and dining experiences near the top of their list of priorities. In addition to picturesque, sprawling sun-kissed beaches and a hectic nightlife, the tantalising tastes of Tenerife are some of the best to be had across the globe.

The country’s tropical climate allows it to locally produce a diverse array of exotic fruits and vegetables, resulting in some unique local delicacies that are tantalisingly new and fresh. For example, the curiously named Cazuela de Pescado is a fresh fish casserole with onions, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes.

Dishes are normally dressed with ‘mojo’ sauces; every family and restaurant in Tenerife has its own unique ‘mojo’ sauce with which it dresses its food. This fascinatingly quirky cultural custom results in a new and different taste to be enjoyed at every restaurant, of which there is abundance across the sun-soaked island.

Being surrounded by the incandescent Atlantic Ocean, Tenerife is supplied with a constant source of fresh fish to harvest, meaning that sea-food is a prominent facet of cuisine in Tenerife. The country’s vast range of exotic marine food includes mackerel, eel, Canarian lobster, octopus, crab, parrot fish, sea bream, sardine and tuna among many others, and gives restaurants a broad range of dishes to offer to its customers.

Meanwhile, for the less adventurous travellers, some of the more westernised tourist resorts across the island are home to more familiar offerings, with all the standard British and American fast food outlets available across the island, and many English dishes being offered for those who feel a little daunted by the unfamiliar native delicacies.

All in all, Tenerife is a paradise of delectable delicacies that can be enjoyed in an idyllic, tropical environment of awe-inspiring natural beauty.

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Tenerife Nightlife

For those jittery-footed insomniacs who like nothing better than to bump and grind at unreasonably late/early (either adjective would be applicable here, but perhaps ‘outrageous’ would be even more appropriate…) hours, Tenerife is a rollicking resort that boasts nightlife definitely worth losing sleep over.

With a diverse array of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and discos to choose from, Tenerife caters for all types of sleep-deprived party animals. With somewhere to suit every taste, it gets everyone dancing on an evening out. Perhaps the wildest, most lively resort is Playa de Las Americas, which is particularly popular for chronic clubbers and blister-footed bar-crawlers alike. This rocking resort is divided into 3 main, curiously named segments; ‘Veronicas’, ‘Starco Commercial Centre’ and ‘The Patch’. Each is rife with different and unique venues, meaning that a clubber need never set their withered, aching feet in the same place twice.

While ‘Playa de Las Americas’ generally caters for a more western demographic, with music and food reflecting the popular tastes of British culture that predominantly flocks there each year, Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz flaunt their more exotic native cultural roots, with saucy salsa songs being the staple genre of music in these colourful resorts. Meanwhile, these culturally vibrant regions offer additional fresh experiences food-wise, with traditional tapas meals and other tantalising island dishes likely to raise your eyebrows as well as your appetite.

For those who like to take chances in between their dances, there are 3 grippingly glitzy casinos to sample, including the Playa de las Americas Casino in the Gran Tenerife Hotel, Casino Santa Cruz at Hotel Mencey in Santa Cruz and Casino de Taoro in Puerto de la Cruz.

All in all, Tenerife’s vivid nightlife and impressive range of rocking resorts will leave those looking for an after-dark paradise salivating. With such a delectable assortment of places to go, it’d get even the sternest visitor off their chair and onto the dance floor.


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Los Gigantes: Tenerife’s Land Before Time

Holding a reputation of having the best yearly weather forecast in the Canaries, Tenerife’s west coast village of Los Gigantes is a picturesque fishing village with quite a showcase on offer.

It’s situated not far from one of Tenerife’s most famous icons, Mount Teide. This active volcano can be seen from almost anywhere on the island and there are reminders of its ancient origins and presence in Los Gigantes. A black sand beach, for example; calm, mostly quiet, naturally formed, compared to others on the island whose sand has been imported from the Sahara, whereupon days were lazed away with the calming wash of waves as my soundtrack.

There is a larger black sand beach further south from Los Gigantes, Playa De La Arena, which in English means ‘Sandy Beach’. It’s reputable for being a blue flag beach and I found it a little more active but that’s only thanks to its size; thankfully, cleanliness and safety seemed paramount.

One natural feature that Los Gigantes is home to, and one which I couldn’t ignore, is its stunningly dramatic cliffs, the Cliffs of the Giants. Sheer volcanic black rock juts up from the foamy waves with the highest point being about 800 metres. I found access to these cliffs was limited; the only way to get to them is by boat. Once at the top (via a rugged pathway) the views are phenomenal, especially with the ever-watchful Mount Teide standing proud against the vivid backdrop.

To counter the hard slog around the tops of the cliffs, I decided to take a leisurely stroll along Los Gigantes’ mariner wall which lines and protects the bay. This makes for some fabulous photographs with the village stretching back into the hillside, and the wide variety of fishing boats icing the foreground.

The type of person who would get the most out of Los Gigantes is someone who loves somewhere which is steeped in ancient geological beauty, as well as being a thoroughly pretty village in itself. I’d say Los Gigantes is suited more for the older generation; however it’s still within driving distance of attractions aimed at the youth of today.

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Los Cristianos: a perfect balance

With its fabulous beaches, vibrant nightlife and stunning scenery, Tenerife has fully emerged on to the world scene as a major tourist destination, and one of the best areas to stay is Los Cristianos on the south coast.

Not too loud, not too quiet, it strikes a perfect balance between the pumping party resorts, like Playa de las Americas, and the more discreet affairs, like Costa del Silencio (which actually translates into ‘the silent coast’).

The main beach can get a bit hectic in peak season, with locals and tourists holding volleyball competitions and flinging themselves off the harbour wall, so if you’re looking for some solitude head to Playa de las Vista, a few minutes’ walk to the west, where you’ll find a 1 kilometre stretch of golden sand with more going on in the way of sunbathing and reading.

The main action happens around the pedestrianised area just off the main beach. Here, you will find lots of good shops, and with the added bonus of everything being tax-free in Tenerife, you may find yourself having to purchase an extra suitcase.

Los Cristianos restaurants are among the best on the whole island, with options ranging from Mexican and oriental to traditional Canary cuisine. One of the best places to dine is the newly refurbished Surrey Arms, which offers great value meals right through the day.

The nightlife is great, with plenty of beach front venues and some of the best Tenerife bars on offer. The Market Tavern is a favourite among tourists and locals, with comedians, cabaret and karaoke entertaining people every night of the week.

If you’re after something a little louder, the party capital of the island, Playa de las Americas, is only a short taxi ride away.

With plenty to do and see, but not overwhelmingly raucous, Los Cristianos is an ideal choice for both couples and families.

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