The Other Side of Tenerife

Despite being more popularly known as one of the best and most
frequented holiday destinations in the Canary Islands, Tenerife has a
relatively tamer and lesser-known side that most of the 5 million
tourists and visitors who frequent the island each year are not yet
truly familiar with.

Despite its renown for its worldclass diving and fantastic beaches,
nightlife and eco-tourism Tenerife has other, less well-kown attractions
and hidden treasures visitors are most often clueless about. The
southern part of the island is popular among the younger set with its
many well-developed resorts like Los Cristianos and the Playa de las
Americas. Families and older groups of tourists meanwhile prefer the
lush and greener north end of Tenerife where tourism development has
mainly been concentrated in the town of Puerto de la Cruz, a small
harbour town with plenty of Old World European charm. Tourists and
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People all over the world often praise Tenerife’s beautiful stretches of
white, powder-fine sandy beaches, its diverse topographical make-up and
varied natural landscapes, lush forest cover and exotic collection of
endemic species of plant and animal life which some consider to be among
the richest in the world. Aside from its great natural beauty, Tenerife
is also a hotbed for partygoers and tourists who can’t seem to simply
get enough of the fantastic clubbing and nightlife scene in the island’s
numerous bars and clubs, most of which have been known to last until the
wee hours of dawn and are deemed by some to be second only to those of

Despite its popularity as a top party and holiday destination in the
Canaries, Tenerife also counts a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site
among its many notable attractions, EL Teide, which also claims the
title of having the highest elevation in Spain. Aside from the imposing
landmark of EL Teide serving as a picturesque backdrop to this paradise
island, Tenerife can lay claim to fame for being host to one of the
world’s largest and most colorful of carnivals, The Carnival of Santa
Cruz de Tenerife held in February of each year and second only in
popularity and world-renown to that of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. They
are currently attempting to have the Carnival recognized and declared as
another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tenerife is blessed with a warm and pleasant climate throughout the year
and does justice to its moniker of being the ‘island of eternal spring’
with summer temperatures rarely exceeding over 30 degrees Celsius on
average and moderate rainfall throughout the year. Tradewinds and the
cold sea currents which affect the Canaries also play a significant role
in cooling down Tenerife’s stretches of coastline and beaches and there
are instances where sunshine is plentiful along the coast yet snow can
also be found in the upper slopes of Tenerife’s mountains event at just
over 3,000 feet above sea level owing to the island’s varied topography.

Another side to Tenerife people may be unaware about is that the island
and its inhabitants are deeply religious and are mostly Roman Catholics.
Pilgrimages or ‘Romerias’ are common in Tenerife and are usually held in
honor of a patron saint of a particular village or town to invoke their
protection and celebrate their feastdays. Tourists, mostly those from
the UK and Germany, come in large groups to witness the spectacle of
these pilgrimages which usually include processions by livestock ,wagons
and colorful bedecked floats which parade locals wearing the traditional
local dress of Tenerife, the traje de mago, performing local folk dances
and showcasing some of Tenerife’s local arts and crafts. A visit to
Tenerife will never be complete if you miss out on taking in the
island’s many colorful festivals and local customs. Best to book a
Tenerife holiday today!

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